4 Amazing Gadgets, You wont believe they exist


Hello and welcome friends. This is ajay and today we are going to talk about 4 amazing gadgets available on internet you won’t believe that they actually exisit. So lets get started without waiating the time.

4 Amazing gadgets

1). Air bar

Air bar

Have you ever think that you can make your any old laptop touch screen. It’s unbelievable but it can happen. It is possible with the help of Airbar. Airbar is a computer accessory which projects light on computer screen, making the device recognize touch screen. It looks a like a long stick. It is attached with magnets on the bottom of screen and plugsinto standard USB port.
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Note :- This device is only compatible with Microsoft Windows, mac OS and Chrome OS. And the bar is available only in 3 size. So, check before you buy.

2). Kado – World’s thinnest charger


The next product is kado charger. This is the world’s thinnest charger. And very easy to carry everywhere you just have to plug it in wall socket and attach the phone with it.
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3). Finger pow

Finger pow 4 amazing gadgets on amazon

If you are getting bored by using long wire chargers, Long wire powerbanks etc. Than this is for you. It is small mini powerbank without cables. You just have to attach its magnetic piece to your handset charging point. And you can carry it anywhere. So, forgot wired powerbank.
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4). 3doodler


Imagine if you can draw things in air with pen. This is the thing which make it possible. You can now write in air also with this pen. You can draw anything which you want in 3d in real life without paper.
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So these are some amazing products.
Hope you like it
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