5 best powerbanks under 2000INR


Hey guys, Today most of the smatphome users use their smartphone whole day, which make them to charge their smartphone once before the day end.Also if your smartphone is facing a battery issue then its time to buy a good quality powerbank. So,today we are going to talk about 5 best powerbanks under 2000INR. So, lets jump in list and have a look at 5 best quality powerbanks under 2000INR.

Top 5 best powerbanks under 2000INR :

1). Lenovo PB 500 (10000 mAh) powerbank :

So, guys if you have a very low budget but still want powebank, then the Lenovo PB500 is for you. It offers 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery which would charge your any smartphone at least twice. It is very light-weight to carry and have a compact plastic body. It has 2 full-sized USB -outports. One offer 5V/1A and other 5V/2A for fast charging.

5 best powerbanks under 2000INR

You can charge your powerbank using the included micro-USB cable and takes 6-7 hrs to full charge. It also has a led indicator system which show the remaining battery in the powerbank. The build quality of this powerbank isn’t great but for the price it is sufficient. It also offers 1 year warrent.

Buy From Amazon ( 999INR ).

2). Mi Powerbank 2i (10,000mAh)

Guys, if you want a good quality powerbank @ very affordable price then you would not go wrong with the “Mi Powerbank 2i”. It is the best selling powerbank in the market. It is also the cheapest powerbank in this list. It offers 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery with aluminium body. It has 2 full-sized USB charging ports, both support fast charging.

Mi powerbank 2i

The powerbank can be charged using micro-USB Cable and it also offers 9 layers of circuit chip protection to prevent it from overheating and shock circuit. It features 4 Led to show current battery status. It comes with warranty of 6 month.

Buy from Amazon ( 899INR ).

3). Syska power pro 200 (20,000 mAh) :

If you have high budget and want high capacity powerbank with good build in quality and in minimal design then “Syska power pro 200 is for you. It offers 20,000 mAh lithium polymer battery with 2full-sized USB ports. One offer 5V/2.1A output and second offers 5V/1A. The great thing is its battery is certified by Bureao of Indian Standards (BIS). It means you wouldn’t have to worry about uts battery over heating.

Syska powerpro 200

The powerbank can be charged using included micro-USB cable which supports 5V/2A input. Which meant it will charge fastly as compared to other powerbanks. It also has a led indicator which shows the remaining battery percentage.

Buy From Amazon ( 1799INR ).

4). Lenovo PA 13000 (13,000mAh )

If you want a high capacity powerbank but not have enough budget to buy syska powerpro then lenovo PA 13000 is for you. It offers 13,000mAh lithium ion battery with 2 full sized USB ports both offers 5V/2.1A output for fast charging. It also has a led indicator to show the remaing battery power with micro usb and a powerbutton side.

Lenovo PA 13000

It has an intelligent powercontrol chip which prevent over heating and shock circit. It offers 1 year warrenty.

Buy from Amazon ( 1099INR ).

5). Anker Power Core (10,400 mAh).

If you want a powerbank which offers substantial battery capacity in ultra-portable design then this is for you. It offers 10,400mAh battery with 2 full-sized USB ports both support upto 5V/2.4A output.

Anker powercore

It has a multiprotect safety system which ensure complete charge protection for powerbank and your device. The powerbank comes with micro-USB cable for charging and a travel pouch. It offers 18 month warrenty with it.

Buy from Amazon ( 1349INR ).

Well these are best powerbanks under 2000INR. I personally prefer xiaomi powerbank but it’s your choice which one you want to buy.

Let us know in comment section which one you like most.


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