Tips to fast charge mobile battery


    Today most of the smartphones supports fast charging but what about those who didn’t. Fast charging is as important as saving mobile battery. So, today we are going to learn some tips to fast charge mobile battery. So let’s get started and have a look at some tips to fast charge mobile battery.

    Tips to fast charge mobile battery

    1. Keep it cool

    The first and major tips for fast charging is keeping your handset cool. Let your handset get fresh air. Heat is the biggest enemy of your mobile battery. Remove the cover case of your handset. Keep it away from direct sunlight, sunlight, from hot vehicles.

    2. Turning on aeroplane mode

    Turning on aeroplane mode will also help you to fast charger handset because network signal is one of the biggest thing that drains your handset battery faster.

    The work your signal the faster battery drains. In one of best we have found that if we turn on Aeroplane mode handset charge 25% more faster.

    3. Turning off your handset

    Turning on aeroplane mode charge handset faster but turning off your handset completely will boost the charging speed of your handset. Because by turning off your handset It closes all the sensors and running applications which are draining your battery while it is turned on.

    4. Partial recharge

    Partial recharge is one of the best technique to fast charger mobile. Don’t wait for your handset to fully discharge. Charger handset when the battery drains down below 20%. Maintaining your battery level between 22 80% will definitely help you in fast charging your mobile.

    5. Try using wall socket

    If you are trying to charge handset with your computer or from carport and thinking that they will charge handset faster than you are wrong. They would not harm your device but also didn’t charge your handset faster. So try using wall socket.

    6. Use original charging adaptor and cables

    If you want that your mobile will fast charge then make sure you are using original charging cable and adaptor. You should use the same company charger whose handset you are using or buy a high quality chargers.

    7. Stop checking your phone while charging

    We all have a habit to check percentage of mobile battery while charging. But we have to stop checking a mobile battery percentage because the only thing which drain your mobile battery faster is the brighter screen. So stop checking your handset while charging.

    8. Have a power bank

    Having a powerbank didn’t fast charge your handset but it will help you to charge your handset when you are on a trip. It provide simillar current as a wall socket provides.

    You can buy a wall socket by clicking here from Amazon.

    Apply these tips. I am sure it will help you all to fast charge your handset.

    Byee, see you all in next article And dont forgot to check our article on tips to increase mobile battery life.


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