Tips to Save mobile battery life


Guys, today most of the smart phones have high screen resolution, high processor, which make us do any work easily. But unfortunately it means it uses a lot of battery which makes our phone die and make us completely dependent on power banks.So, today we are going to discuss some tips to save mobile battery. So, let’s get started without wasting the time.

Tips to Save Mobile battery:-

1). Keep it cool

The first and important tips to save mobile battery is to keep your handset cool . According to battery University keeping your handset in heat will decrease the battery life . In a test we have founded if we kept our handset in 60 degree Celsius the performance of the handset decreases up to 60%. So, it is necessary to keep your handset under 30 degree Celsius. If you want to keep your battery in good condition or want to use it for long time you have to do it.

2). Turning off Location tracking

Tips to save mobile battery

The second and important it is you can turn off Location tracking . According to recently news most of the applications used to track your location using GPS module which drains a lot of battery from your handset. So, turning off Location tracking will certainly help you.

3). Partial recharges are better than full depth recharges

Another good tip is partially charging your handset instead of charging it full. Instead of making your phone 100% to 0% do partial recharges and maintain your battery life between 30% to 80%. It can increase the number of discharge cycles by three times.

4). Low the brightness level

The another major method to save the battery life is too low the bad brightness level of your handset. The brightness level of your screen is the major factor depending on the battery life of your handset. you can change the brightness level at any time through from the notification panel as shown in image.

5). Keep handset updated

The the another tips to keep your handset always updated. If any updated version of your handset is available so download it. Because it is also the major factor depending on your battery life. Not only the handset update but also keep your all installed apps updated.

6). Turn on battery saver

The another major tip is turning on power saver mode. In the most of the Android or iOS handsets the option for battery saver is available you can turn it on from the notification panel or by moving in setting. It has two types of battery saving mode when is medium battery saver and another is maximum battery saver you can turn according to your needs.

7). Uninstalling unnecessary applications

The another is an installing all the unnecessary applications that are installed in your handset the unnecessary applications keep running in background and consume battery life so it is the important thing that you check out which are the applications which you didn’t use and uninstall them.

8). Turning on flight mode

The another major tip is turning on flight mode when you are out of network coverage area or you are in such area where there is no network so if there is low network your handset keep searching for network and consume a lot of battery life so turning on flight mode will help you a lot in saving battery life

So these are the important tips which you can use to save your handset battery life or increase your handset battery life. Hope you like this article comment if you have some more tips about saving the battery life.



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